Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How was your 4th?

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July.

This is the first year in a long time that I actually enjoyed the 4th. It wasn't very hot. The morons in the neighborhood could not afford to buy an entire flatbed of fireworks, so I could actually sleep at night the entire weekend. It was very relaxed. And, of course, the kids were really cute.

A lot of people in the neighborhood shoot off fireworks, so we just sat in the backyard and watched as if we were at some municipal display.

We had burgers and hot dogs, potato salad and coleslaw, chips and that kind of thing.

We also had lots of fruit, chocolate covered strawberries, rice krispies treats and we made s'mores.

The kids had a great time with the snaps you throw on the ground and those snakes you light on fire. They enjoyed the pyro aspect more than watching the snakes grow...

They also followed grandpa around the entire time. It was cute.

Funny story. My 7 year old niece likes to hear herself make noise. Sometimes she sounds like a donkey, sometimes like a horse, sometimes like a monkey. Saturday, she sounded like a squealing pig and I told her so.

She said, "that's a bad word." I said, "what is? Squealing?" She said, "no, pig."

I laughed and said, "pig is not a bad word." She said, "yes it is, Muslims don't like pigs."

I laughed again and told her you can say the word pig in front of a Muslim. She said no, you can't. They don't like pigs. One of her classmates and her 1st grade teacher are Muslim.

I said, "they don't eat pork, but you can say pig."

She said "no, you can't."

I said, "either way, you are not Muslim, so I can say pig to you."

She said, "oh yeah." She forgot she's not Muslim. Strange little child. She is so concerned about offending others, she doesn't think about whether or not those that could be offended are present.


Lynne said...

We had a very enjoyable 4th too! We had my daughter's softball team and families over for the day, played volleyball in the yard and swam in the pool. Plenty of good food and tons of desserts. A fund day had by all.
That's very funny about the word "pig"! I'm glad you were able to remind her that she is not a Muslim, so it was okay! LOL

Stephanie B said...

I appreciate consideration for others, even in the very young, even if it's overboard.

She sounds like a pistol.

betchai said...

we have a good july 4th. your niece seems to be really a very considerate child, did not know that pig is actually a bad word for muslims, like you, i just thought they don't eat pork, but we can say pig.

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

We had a nice 4th after the cops left us alone. It started with a little doggie incident: http://zemeks.blogspot.com/2009/07/excitement-to-start-off-day-happy.html Anyway, we didn't have as many fireworks this year as usual either which helped our sleeping too!

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