Monday, August 3, 2009

Such Genes

Today is my paternal grandfather's 94th birthday. Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

I am blessed with longevity on both sides. As you probably know, my maternal grandmother is 90.

I pray I am blessed with a combination of the two as I age. They both have all their faculties. Both have excellent memories of the past and still have their senses of humor. My grandpa still loves to sing and my grandma still loves to read and watches CNN every day.

My grandma took care of my uncle (who has MS) up until 2 years ago when his accident and near death took a huge toll on her physically. She still gets around pretty good, but needs assistance. She is shakier on her feet than my grandpa.

My grandpa still drives, though he only drives the block and a half to the diner he goes to every day. He lives entirely on his own and sleeps in the upstairs bedroom rather than the one on the ground floor. He took care of my grandma, who had had a couple of strokes, before she passed 6 years ago.

I often forget how blessed I am in this department. I am so accustomed to having my grandparents that I forget that most of my friends no longer have theirs or never knew theirs.

My grandpa lives on the East Coast so I have not seen him in a very long time and cannot wish him a happy birthday in person. None of his children live near him and my sister and I are his only grandchildren. Thankfully, he has some fabulous neighbors who bake him a cake every year and act as the surrogate children.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!


Patricia Rockwell said...

You are truly blessed. I miss my grandmother every day.

Julehya said...

Boy! Am I glad there are still many of us in their nineties still very much alive and really kicking. People often treat me like I was an oddity. I am sure they do the same to your grandpa. LOL. Let's show them grandpa!

The Fitness Diva said...

Amazing! Bless his heart! Wishing him many more. ;)

Sherri @ Luv a Bargain said... wonderful. Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Grace said...

Happy Birthday Grandpa- we should all be so blessed

Sherri said...

Wow, you ARE lucky! 90's and still living well, you can't beat that.

Metallman said...

Hey there. Wow, both of your grandparents made it to their 90's. I wish I was blessed with such longevity in my family. As long as you make the best of what you have, it's all good. Later.

nancy said...

all the best for your grandpa!

i'm new here. found your blog from EC. would you mind if we exchange links?

Your Daily Cute said...

94... That's amazing! How lucky you are to still have him. Happy birthday, Grandpa!

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Mhar's Display said...

Say my birthday greetings to your grandpa. May he have more to come.

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SLColman said...

How awesome! Happy Birthday to your Grandpa!!!

Lender said...

I still have both my grand parent around, and they are very special to me. After reading your blog, I realized how many people go without having their grand parents with them, and how unbelievably lucky i am.

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