Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Kardashian By Any Other Name

I have to wonder how much thought Kim and Kanye gave the baby’s name: North.  North West. 


North West is a direction, not a little girl’s name. 

I am not opposed to unique or creative names if said name is not going to leave the child in therapy for decades.

The first nutball was Gwyneth naming her children Apple and Moses. 

Apple.  I bet they call her App for short, which is just perfect in this mobile technology age.  Just download that App right there, won’t you?  Poor girl. 

And Holy Moses, you know that boy has been asked about being sent down river in a basket, parting seas and commandments a million times.

We keep seeing it over and over. 

Parents failing to consider the affect the name with which they brand their child will have.

It’s not just celebs.  I am sure you remember the whackadoos who named their child Hashtag.  Alrighty….

Being the child of a Kardashian is bound to be challenging.  For starters, they dare you to keep up with them.  I mean, that is how they earned their fame, no?  Then we have 5-minute marriages, sex tapes and every move being captured on some form of media and shoved down our throats. 

Mix that with being the offspring of Kanye West.  I am not sure a child will bring his ego back into this universe or expand it even further. 

North West is going to have a rough road ahead of her.  The jokes she will be riddled with as she grows are infinite. 

I pray she does not inherit her mother’s booty.  Can you imagine the airline jokes a child named North West is going to get?  Especially if she has a generous rear. 

And the fart jokes!  Anytime someone smells it, they will make a North Westerly wind joke. 

Poor baby.  Maybe they will change her name before she endures too much torture.  If not, I bet her therapy bills will be North West of a million bucks. 

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