Tuesday, July 9, 2013

BFFs For Life

Today is my oldest and bestest friend's birthday (yes, when it comes to one's best friend, it is acceptable grammar to say bestest).

We have about 740 miles and an entire time zone between us, so I cannot be with her today. Instead I thought I'd blog about her.

We met when we were 5 years old and have been best friends from Kindergarten all through high school.

My great fear when we graduated high school was losing that friendship.  I was pretty sure we'd always be friends, but I was afraid of losing that bond.  They say when people go away to college, they grow apart and lose touch.

She went off to ASU while I went to a local University.  We visited as often as we could and were at each graduation. Nothing changed.

She moved to Georgia, got a career, snagged herself a husband and had a couple kids and we are still the same girls we were in high school.  Her dad has commented that when we get together, we act like in high school.  He called it "instant stupid" because no matter how long we've been separated, we immediately revert to the giggling, silly school girls we once were.  Like no time had passed at all.

We've been through it all together.  We were together for all the fancy dress occasions, I was at her bridal and baby showers, a bridesmaid at her wedding, godmother to her first child.

We may not talk as often as we did in high school or college, or even as often as we did when neither of us was working a few years ago, but we both know that we are just a phone call or plane ride away  if we need each other.  I haven't seen her in far too long and I miss her like crazy, but one day soon we will be together and it will be instant stupid.  Love you, girl.

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