Tuesday, July 2, 2013

From Unemployment Comes Salvation

Where have I been since my last post in May 2010?  Really, the question should be where have I been since December 2009 because we all know my post in 2010 was pathetic. 

As I mentioned, I burned out on blogging.  I started at a site that paid per post and per views so, I cut my blogging teeth learning to promote.  It was very time consuming.  I was trying to find a job and make money somehow and I realized how much time was spent in attempts to make a couple dollars.  I just didn’t have the time or energy for it anymore.

What I forgot was that I could blog without promoting like mad. 

Around that same time, I was helping clean out my parents’ attic and in doing so I became obsessed with eBay.  I was selling my childhood to get by.  I saved a few things I couldn’t part with, like my Cabbage Patch Kid, but the majority was sold to the highest bidder.  In that respect, it paid to be a packrat.

I also found Facebook around then.  It quenched my need for connecting with others and saved me the time and energy I felt was wasted on promoting my blog.

I was still interviewing for jobs, with the continued lack of success.  I had a talent for getting jobs that fell apart.  They’d last an hour or a few days before something occurred ending the job. 

I was unemployed for some time.  I applied and interviewed a lot, but I will be honest, I was afraid of going back to work.  For a lot of reasons.  One being that I had been traumatized by my last employer.  The thought of going back to an office setting made me sick to my stomach.

I was also afraid to leave my mom responsible for everything on her own.  I had been helping care for Grandma and the house for so long that I felt guilty leaving her to take care of my uncle and everything else.

I hadn’t told her, she still doesn’t know as far as I know, that I was looking at part-time jobs so that I could continue to help her.  I knew I NEEDED full-time work, but my gut said no, none of it was right. 

Not that I would have turned anything down; I was desperate.

I have believed for a very long time that everything happens for a reason and as it is meant to.  (I will go further into this at another time.)

When I lost my old job, it happened at the exact right time.  My uncle had to move from one rental home to another.  I wasn’t working so I could help my mom pack everything and move him.  There were several times over the span of my unemployed state that I was offered a job and something fell through.  Shortly after each one, something happened and we were grateful I was home.

At the time, I knew it was good I was home, but I was also frustrated because I NEEDED a job. 

November 20, 2010 my mom went to my uncle’s like she did every day and found my 27 year-old cousin dead on the floor. 

Our worlds changed.  I will touch more on his death another time, but for today I am focusing on the employment/career aspect.

With Michael’s death, many things shifted in me and I started looking at things with different eyes.  I started paying attention more to the signs around me.

Early 2011, a friend mentioned she knew someone looking for a Nanny and a light bulb went off.

Why not?  I love kids.  I have a lot of experience with kids, including day care.

I interviewed with them and things went well, though they decided to give their babysitter the opportunity. 

I took it upon myself to look more into being a Nanny.  A lot of people recreate themselves after a length of unemployment.  If I was going to do that, I needed to know as much as I could get my eyeballs on.  The legality of it, the demand for it, the expecations, the pay range, etc.

I found a lot of opportunities available.  I decided to go for it; I figured I’d see how things went.  If it wasn’t for me, I’d do it for a little while as I continued the job hunt.

Within a day of posting my profile on a couple of sites, I had a lot of interviews scheduled.  I never liked interviewing at office positions.  I was never confident enough to pull it off.  I wanted to be, but I was convinced they could see through my facade.  With nannying, I have always felt completely confident.

I had several offers, but actually turned them down because it wasn’t right.  That is how confident I was.  I found the right fit and was working soon after.  I worked 4 days a week, which allowed me time to continue to help take care of Grandma and help around the house. I was with that family over a year before circumstances changed and we parted ways.

I am currently with an amazing family that I love so much.  The baby I Nanny for is the sweetest, happiest baby with the best disposition.  I LOVE going to work every day.  I never dread waking up in the morning.   I am so grateful that my friend tried to help her friend find a Nanny. 

I know a lot of people want to know how long I will do this and how this will help in my future return to work.  I am working and really don’t see a need to work in another field.  Being a Nanny is an actual profession with an association (INA), classes, support groups, etc.  I’m sorry if they don’t understand it, but I am not going to explain to anyone my choice in profession other than to say I am truly happy.  Why would I do something that makes me miserable because it fits your ideal of what I should be doing with my life?


Debbye said...

Hey Kelly,
I loved reading your blog, it's been years since we got to be around one another, but we are still connected as family! I love you and your intro to becoming a Nanny was awesome! I totally agree with you, as a Nanny, you are where and who you are supposed to be! Keep loving that child, you are definitely making a difference:)

Love your cousin,
Debbye Carver Williams

dena Lozano said...

You totally have a real job and anyone who says you don't can shove it. Since you have become a nanny, you have lit up and sparkled. It is nice to see you find a profession that you love and suits you perfectly; not many really ever find that! (Or make good money doing it! )

Keep up the awesomeness Miss Kelly!
-Dena. Xo

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