Friday, July 5, 2013

Never-Ending Search

I mentioned in prior posts that among all the things I have been searching for, I found the career and spiritual path that make me happy.

Balance and love are the two other things on the header of my blog.  I am still single, so that aspect of love is still out there.  I think I will always struggle with that old elusive balance.  Life is a juggling act, isn’t it?
I’m afraid, though, that in declaring my satisfaction in two of the four areas I’ve inadvertently alluded to being done searching there as well. 

Anybody that claims to have finished searching in life is either lying to him or herself or lying to you.

Life is about self-discovery.

As we age, we change; the way we view the world changes.

When I was younger, I hoped to find the answers and be done.  Now I realize that I will never be done and I am grateful.

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