Monday, July 1, 2013

The World is A Changin'

The world is a changin'.

I haven't blogged in years.  I was going through the old sites I used to use to promote my blog and found many are gone! 

Entrecard is gone!  

Entrecard was one of the top blog promotion sites.  I was a loyal dropper for a couple of years maxing out my daily limit.  

I had checked in with Entrecard not too long ago (I have no sense of time anymore so what "not too long ago" means is questionable) and I had a boatload of credits.  Like 50,000.  I was thinking as I was starting this baby back up again, I can just go use up that massive credit load I have built up.  

But they are gone!  Entrecard is GONE! 

So are a few other sites I used to use.  What has happened to the blogosphere?

In all honesty, Entrecard is part of what caused my burn out so I can't be too terribly upset, right?  I mean, dropping in on 300 blogs a day is a lot of time.  I don't know about any of you, but it is hard to visit a blog and not read something, so it wasn't just clicking on the little box.  

I was unemployed, so I had more time, but I was also a job seeker. Being an unemployed job seeker is a full-time job.  Something had to go, which for me was blogging.  There are other reasons I ended up not coming back to the blog for a while, but I will get into those another time.  

Among these topics are sudden and unexpected death, multiple deaths, career change, employment (yes I am employed now! yippee!), more death, dream chasing and finding some of the things I've been searching to find. 

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