Monday, July 8, 2013

Words To Match

A friend shared this on Facebook yesterday.  It struck a chord and has been lingering at the edge of my mind:

Nothing is either good or bad for the law of attraction, it simply obeys you. As far as the law of attraction is concerned, if you think or talk about something it must be one of your favorite things, so the law gives it to you! Next time you begin to think or talk about something, stop and ask yourself: “Is this one of my favorite things?” 
– The Secret Daily Teachings, Rhonda Byrne"

I have believed for a very long time that what you put out in the universe is more likely to happen, so I have banished negative language from life.  I used to say things like, " of course that would happen to me" or "knowing my luck xyz will happen."  I had to consciously change my thinking to catch myself and erase such language.  

I've worked very hard to put positive thoughts and energy out into the world.  KARMA rules, so I purposefully make kindness matter. It is the every day little gestures or words to a stranger that often make the biggest difference.  Someone can be having the absolute worst day, but a kind word or smile, letting someone ahead of you in line, holding a door, helping someone pick up what was dropped, etc. can be the bright light that lets their heart smile enough to improve their mood.

Moods and energy are contagious.  If one bad mood meets another and another, it just brings a dark cloud over the area.  A small act of kindness can bounce that light around and make the environment around us much sunnier.  Amy Logan has written a book that wants to inspire everyone, starting with children, to go out and be kind because kindness matters.

Changing your thinking takes time and effort, it doesn't happen over night.  It has to be a choice you make every moment of every day, but it can happen and it will make the world of difference to you and those around you.  I made the change in my thoughts 100%, but realized after reading the quote at the start of this post, I had not changed my words to match.  If you say you don't care about something, but you really do you're not helping to change the situation, simply deflect any judgment or pain it may cause to admit what you want.   That is something I will have to work on.

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